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Breaking the Rules

Troy Hill
The first day of graduate school, my professor in the basics of graphic design, said the whole purpose of learning the fundamentals of graphic design was to enable us to break the rules of graphic design.

That pretty much sums up the entire spectrum of my life and the way I view things.  I'm a non-conformist.  I always have been.  The rules, they don't apply to me.  They never will.

And yet we as a society are completely immersed in rules.  There is a rule for everything!

Don't misunderstand, some rules are there for the protection of us all, and should be respected.  I don't advocate breaking the law. Rules and laws are very different critters.

It's pretty common knowledge that in order to succeed an online business must have social media like blogs and Facebook and Reddit and Twitter and God knows what else.  The simple fact is that's just not true.

Your business doesn't need a social media element.  Would your business benefit from one?  Sure.  Need?  Absolutely not.  Many businesses, like those that cater to other businesses, have very little need for a Facebook presence.  Facebook is a fun place and a place to hang out with your friends and family and because of that, it's just a very poor choice for B2B marketing.

Your efforts would be considerably more rewarded by focusing on a professional social media resource like LinkedIn, which caters more to the businesses than family and friends.

If your focus is B2B and you have a Facebook presence, that's time and energy that is being poorly managed.  Stop that right away!

I don't have a Facebook page for my business.  I have a personal page that is poorly used to keep track of friends and family, but all kidding aside, I die a little inside, each time I am subjected to navigating that horrible interface.

The same thing goes for blogging.  If you have something you want to say and share with the rest of us, something that adds real value and causes us to stop and ponder the way of things, absolutely, add a blog to your site!

But if you want a blog to regurgitate an article that someone else wrote and then sliced up and shifted the words around, so it could then be desiminated out to the public and not get flagged by search engines, why not pass on that?  How much real value could possibly exist in that?

Sure, your prospect could glean something of minor value while reading snippets from your list of 10 things you should never do in business XYZ, but think about the connection that makes, or doesn't make in this case, with your prospective client.

Keep that in mind the next time an agency or a web designer is telling you how much you need to incorporate this or that into your project.  Maybe you do and maybe you don't.

Look for other avenues to increase your growth before you part with your hard-earned capital just because doing so is the status-quo.