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A Peek Inside

Service has always been at the core of who I am as an individual. It began with service to the community as a Boy Scout and later, service to our country in the United States Marine Corps. Presently, I enjoy providing my services to business owners and non-profit organizations within our community.

It all began while working for an internet service provider in 1998. Customers would call in and ask if we could help them set up a web site. But that was a service not currently provided. Seeing an opportunity to provide better service, I approached the owner of the company and asked if I could do site design for those costumers. The answer was a resounding "Yes!" and the rest, as they say, is history!

When I took on that first client, I didn't know very much about web design. It was something I had to learn fast and at the time, there wasn't that much available to learn from. Much of what I learned, I learned by looking at what others were doing and reverse-engineering it. In fact, the vast majority of my knowledge is self-taught.

I did eventually attend a formal school to get my degree in Graphic Design & Multimedia. My college experience reinforced for me something that I had always known - knowledge can be shared, but talent and experience cannot be taught. Talent I have and the experience came with time. I have found the most useful knowledge is not gained from reading a text book but rather from real world work experiences.

Over the years, I continued to learn and grow in my field and eventually my focus expanded from web sites to the much broader picture of the online business as a whole. A web site is nothing more than a tool, just like social media, email strategies, and paid search advertising. All of these things are nothing more than tools. My focus is now on how to best use all of these tools to improve business for my clients!

How I Unwind

During my down-time, I enjoy doing a lot of stereotypical geeky things. I love playing video games, whether they be PC or console. My favorite has always been the Metal Gear series. Reading is another favorite past time, professional publications to keep my skills sharp and hone new ones, and fantasy/sci-fi because who doesn't love a great story? I enjoy self-help books too. I am always looking for ways to improve myself and my methods.

Exercise and healthy eating is important to me as well. Forms of exercise I really enjoy include: racquetball, jogging, kayaking, and working out. Nothing starts the day off better for me than an early morning jog while the city is still somewhat asleep. The main sounds you hear are the pit-pat of your feet and the sound of air rushing into and out of your nostrils. If it's a bit icy and you can see your breath, even better! Healthy body. Healthy mind.